Globus Purchases a Thermal Platesette

Globus Printing & Packaging recently purchased a Screen PT-R8600 Thermal Platesetter. The PT-TR8600 is the latest generation of Screen's thermal computer-to-plate or CTP recorders. CTP technology makes it possible to output plates with blazing speeds using a high-speed rotating drum. In the CTP process, the image of the page from a digital file is recorded directly from the file to the printing plate instead of creating film and making the plate from the film. The process is also chemistry-free and offers Globus a much more stable production process and an environmentally safer workplace. Co-owner Denny Schmiesing is pleased with the early results of the thermal platesetter. He states, "The speed in which a plate can be produced allows Globus to shorten the time it takes to perform short 4-color runs for our customers. This allows us to fulfill our customer's orders much more quickly."

The PT-R8600 recorder features an automatic inline punching system that helps enable perfect register on press. Plates are punched by the automatic inline punching system immediately before being loaded onto the drum. Matching the punched holes with the registration pins on the drum during plate loading ensures that plates are always placed in the same position regardless of variations in plate size or squareness, and results in very high registration accuracy.

"Keeping up with the latest technology trends is important to us because we are always looking for better and quicker ways to provide for our customer's printing needs" says Schmiesing. The CTP technology has proven to provide reliability, quality and quickness in a way that is consistent with Globus quality measures.

About Globus Printing & Packaging:

Established in 1957, Globus Printing & Packaging is a full-service printer and book manufacturer located in Minster, Ohio. Specializing in the production of commercial catalogs, annuals, workbooks and complete printing and binding capabilities, Globus Printing & Packaging also offers ancillary services including CD/DVD-ROM duplication and printing, kitting and assembly, and composition/typesetting. For additional information about Globus Printing & Packaging, please contact our Globus Sales Division at 1-800-968-0797.

Monday, December 1, 2008