Globus Purchases Perfect Binder and Shrink Wrapper

Globus Printing & Packaging recently purchased a Bolero perfect binder system.    This innovative binder can handle a large range of products and is suitable for the production of perfect bound books, magazines and catalogs as well as for the manufacture of book blocks for case binding.    The new Bolero is one of the most automated and advanced adhesive binding systems in the world.    Whether a job calls for PUR, one or two shot hotmelt, cold emulsion, or a number of other binding methods, the Bolero delivers.

The Bolero perfect binder increases speed and efficiency to production.    “With machine speeds up to 8,000 cycles per hour and full automation, this technology allows Globus to achieve the most production output in the shortest amount of time,” says co-owner, Dennis Schmiesing.    The binder utilizes a digital interface and features fully automated operation across the entire size range.    “The increased speed and the ability to include features such as Otobind in addition to being able to perfect bind up to 3-1/8” thick books are significant features that enhance the capabilities of this binder and Globus Printing,” states Schmiesing.

Globus also recently purchased a Shanklin shrink wrapper.    This shrink wrapper is a top-of-the-line machine that gives Globus the speed and flexibility it needs to meet evolving production demands.    The new wrapper expands the shrink wrapping capacity for Globus as this model joins an existing wrapper from Damark already in the Globus print shop.

About Globus Printing & Packaging:

Established in 1957, Globus Printing & Packaging is a full-service printer and book manufacturer located in Minster, Ohio.    Specializing in the production of commercial catalogs, annuals, workbooks and complete printing and binding capabilities, Globus Printing & Packaging also offers ancillary services including CD/DVD-ROM duplication and printing, kitting and assembly, and composition/typesetting. For additional information about Globus Printing & Packaging, please contact our Globus Sales Division at 1-800-968-0797.

Saturday, August 1, 2009