Globus Purchases an Inkjet Addresses System

Globus Printing & Packaging recently purchased a Buskro Inkjet Addressing system. The new addition is in accordance with a commitment Globus has made to increase value-added services for our customers. Mailing services and fulfillment services are two such areas where Globus is growing and investing. The Buskro inkjet addressing system prints addresses, barcodes and personalizes virtually any mail piece. The system has easy-to-use, point-and-click software, unlimited print capability and graphics in as many as four colors. The print performance of the Buskro system is unbeatable. Globus can produce great addresses, barcodes, indicias, sales messages, logos on everything from porous to glossy stock. The system has an on-board PC with full-color VGA screen that displays print records, production status and production reports and full diagnostics as the addressing is performed. The system is also TrueType font compatible and can load in as many fonts as needed. Co-owner, Tim Schmiesing, states “The Buskro Inkjet Addressing system helps us provide superior mailing and fulfillment services for our customers. Adding these value-added services for our customers solidifies Globus’ position as a premier printer.”

Globus Printing has always touted their success as a “one stop” print shop. Our full-service bindery offerings and our “world of capabilities” allows Globus to excel in meeting customer’s needs. Schmiesing says, “With the addition of mailing services and fulfillment services, Globus not only provides high quality print products but now we can also mail and ship those products wherever our customer wants them shipped.”

About Globus Printing & Packaging:

Established in 1957, Globus Printing & Packaging is a full-service printer and book manufacturer located in Minster, Ohio. Specializing in the production of commercial catalogs, annuals, workbooks and complete printing and binding capabilities, Globus Printing & Packaging also offers ancillary services including CD/DVD-ROM duplication and printing, kitting and assembly, and composition/typesetting. For additional information about Globus Printing & Packaging, please contact our Globus Sales Division at 1-800-968-0797.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009